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    SOSS handle Pool

    Hello We have been doing further investigations into our load problems, and after taking a deep dice into the situation we have the following issue where SOS is waiting within the client library System.Threading.Monitor.ObjWait(Boolean, Int32, System.Object)...
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    Tuning SOSS for peak demands

    Thanks for the reply and such a considered one with the limited info provided. You are right we are a windows shop with ASP etc. We went away and did some deep dive investigation into our load balancing strategy and and the read hits counter, as suggested. For historical reasons - no one is...
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    Tuning SOSS for peak demands

    Hello Just wondering if anyone out there has tweaked any of the out of the box SOSS parameters. In our environment we seem to hit periods throughout the day where load is higher than normal and the whole we tier grinds to a halt. Is there any parameters that we need to change to cope with this ? K