Large amount of outbound traffic to remote clients from a single SOSS host?


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We are using StateServer 64-bit on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard. There are 3 hosts joined to the distributed store and there are about 8-10 remote client machines with about 50-55 ASP.NET web applications running on each remote client machine. There are about 15 local clients for each host.

A few times a week during peak load times we are seeing a large amount of outbound traffic (800-900 Mbps) from 1 of the SOSS hosts to the remote clients. This traffic burst happens for about 15 - 20 minutes and the traffic goes back to a normal 150 - 200 Mbps. All the machines are connected to a 1 Gbps switch, so during the burst the switch is saturated.

During the time of the burst our web requests are blocked when trying to retrieve an object from StateServer.

Any ideas on what would be causing the large amount of traffic? Is there a way to see what is being sent?

It feels like a large number of clients are flushing their client side cache and requesting new objects from the host. But it is the same host causing the burst each time.


If it's one host causing the burst then it's probably being caused by a single, large object being being flushed by the client cache. Is there any one object that's shared by all 55 web applications?

Also, have there been any significant changes to your load or to your app in the last few weeks? It's strange that this would start happening out of the blue after years of stability.