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    SOSS cannot connect to AWS Marketplace

    We were able to reproduce this issue using a permissions-limited account similar to the one you've outlined. Thank you for that information. It pointed out a flaw in our documentation. Please also add this statement to your IAM user's policy. We will update our documentation to add this section...
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    SOSS cannot connect to AWS Marketplace

    The assumed use case for the ScaleOut Management Console is from an on-premise IT management workstation not running within AWS that is not assigned an IAM instance role. Therefore, AWS access keys and secrets keys are required for the ScaleOut Management Console to access your AWS resources. It...
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    What are the differences (pros/cons) of using scaleout on-prem vs AWS marketplace

    Managing your own EC2 instances with ScaleOut StateServer installed is nearly identical to using the AWS Marketplace AMI. The major differences lie in the billing model: if you're installing on your own EC2 instances, you'll need to bring-your-own-license (BYOL), after which you're only paying...
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    us-east-2 is not shown in AWS Region dropdown - AWS Management

    Note: version has been released with the latest AWS region support. Please see our Release History for more information.
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    AWS secret key/access key issue

    The ScaleOut Management Console requires the use of an Access Key and Secret Key to access your account. If you're worried about the security of those credentials, please note that we strongly recommend creating an IAM account with limited permissions described in our documentation, then provide...
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    us-east-2 is not shown in AWS Region dropdown - AWS Management

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We're planning to make a new release in the next few days, so we'll make sure we update the available region list in our AWS support. In the meantime, you can launch your store through the AWS Marketplace UI directly. Choose your product here...