Access to remote SOSS with Remote client option (Object browser)

I have already run the remote client option from local PCs against our server's licensed SOSS with success: StateServer Console worked, but I cannot execute the Object browser application (DotNetBrowser.exe) against that SOSS server.

This is the error that is thrown:
Unable to retrieve namespace
information from the ScaleOut
StateServer service (An unexpected
error has occurred: {0}. The Object
Browser will now exit.)
We have custom namespaces in server:

  • Can you help me with this? How to run DotNetBrowser locally against the remote server?
Thank you!


The symptom you’ve experienced is likely caused by network security software stopping traffic between the serving running the SOSS Object Browser and the SOSS store. We recommend verifying connectivity between the servers on all SOSS ports (the default ports are 720, 721, and 722).

If this is not the case, please upload the SOSS log files (the soss_tlog0.txt and soss_tlog1.txt files are located in the SOSS installation directory) and the output from the “netstat.exe -o” command (from both the server running the object browser and one of the machines in the SOSS store)