AWS secret key/access key issue

Hi All,

This may be little bit technical question, We are doing a research on a one of our application. We want to use Scaleout APP on our Cloud based application,

For cloud,Scaleout marketplace application requires "Access Key" and "Secret key" as the connection details,Do we have any other method to use as the connection details (Since we are worrying to use that keys on this for security reasons).

Any help would be appreciated :)

Thank you all



Staff member
The ScaleOut Management Console requires the use of an Access Key and Secret Key to access your account. If you're worried about the security of those credentials, please note that we strongly recommend creating an IAM account with limited permissions described in our documentation, then provide the access key and secret key of that management account.

Alternatively, you can launch your cluster via the AWS Marketplace UI by choosing your product here:

...and following the on-screen instructions.