CentOS6.6 soss join gives store error

root@cos66 idf]# service sossd start
Starting sossd: [ OK ]
[root@cos66 idf]# soss join
ScaleOut StateServer(r) Control Program, ver.
Copyright (c) 2003-2014 by ScaleOut Software, Inc.
Connecting to the local StateServer service...
Management library ver.
Error: The server did not successfully complete this command: store not ready for operation; try again later
[root@cos66 idf]#


Before issuing the “soss join” command, please verify that the status of the SOSS host is “INACTIVE” by running the “soss query” command. If the status is “STARTING OR ISOLATED BY NETWORK OUTAGE”, then a typical reason for this behavior is that the ScaleOut StateServer (SOSS) ports are blocked by the iptables service or other firewall (OS or network). Please verify that the ports (by default, the ports are 720, 721, and 722) used by SOSS are unblocked by your firewall. As a preliminary test, you could try temporarily disabling iptables by issuing the command “service iptables stop” and restarting the SOSS service (“service sossd restart”), then checking to see if the SOSS host can join the SOSS store.