Clear connected Remote Clients

We are adding additional web servers and during the soss client got connected to the cluster using temp IPs. Now, we are out of licenses for the real IPs of the server. How can we clear the unused older IP?


If the application is closed (the process has exited) then the network connections to the SOSS service will be closed as well. If you still see remote connections from an IP address where an application that accessed SOSS used to execute, please review the following areas that may register and hold a connection to the SOSS service:
  • Active SOSS management tools
    • The SOSS Console, SOSS Object Browser
    • Scripts that run soss.exe or use the SOSS Powershell cmdlets
  • Active or orphaned IIS application worker processes that previously ran an application that accessed SOSS
  • Uncommon Network/proxy infrastructure that caches connections even after application is closed.