Crossing subnets

i am new to this app so please ignore my ignorance on it.

So we currently have a subnet ( and these servers are running StateServer. each of the servers is running a second interface with another private subnet ( so everything is working fine here. We just added a new server in a different subnet ( and have allowed ports 720-722 on the fw, so we know communication is working. however, in this case, the server in the 172.16.2 network cannot communicate with the server in the 192.168.1 network in regards to stateserver. i can ping the servers from both sides. but stateserver console still shows question marks and the service does not start. when i attempt to start it, i get error message - Unable to connect to the remote host (the local host). by the way, the local fw within Windows Server is turned off on both sides and i have also tried to allow all communications on the main fw from both of these servers but it still does not work.

any help will be greatly appreciated.


ScaleOut uses multicast for automatic discovery of hosts on your network, but multicast does not get routed across subnets. (This is considered a feature of multicast--your router won't spam every subnet in your network with every multicast packet.)

You can work around this by disabling multicast discovery in the SOSS Console and manually configuring the membership of your store. However, as a general best practice, we encourage deploying all hosts to the same subnet. For the best performance and availability, consider putting all hosts on the same network switch.