Do I have to upgrade my .net application assembly when upgrading from ScaleOut version 4 to version 5?

We are in the process of updating our internal and production servers from version "" t to version 5. Do we need to update our applications at the same time to access the version?

We are currently using the following .net assemblies

soss_cachedotnet -
soss_mgtdotnet -
soss_namedcache -
soss_storeprovider -
soss_svcdotnet -


Typically not, but you'll need to rebuild your app if the project directly references the soss_mgtdotnet assembly that you listed above. (It's actually a little unusual to reference soss_mgtdotnet in a client application--people typically only do this for management utilities).

But if your project only references the version assemblies that you listed then no, you should not need to rebuild or make any changes. Just make sure that all ScaleOut assemblies in your application's bin subdirectory have been updated (or, preferably, remove the ScaleOut assemblies from your application's bin folder and just let them be loaded from the GAC--the ScaleOut installer will keep the GAC updated with the latest releases of the assemblies that you're using).