Hi team, Before we used SOSS version and .net framework 4.0. After upgradation to .net framework 4.6.1 with same SOSS version we g

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Please provide proper solution for it
"Message":"Unable to register AppId 12345 corresponding to AppName "\/LM\/W3SVC\/2\/ROOT\/Services" with
StateServer: Unable to open a handle to the local StateServer service","StackTrace":" at
Soss.Client.CallbackManager.RegisterAppId(UInt32 appId)\u000d\u000a at
Soss.Client.StateServerKey.EnsureAppIdRegisteredForEventCallbacks(UInt32 appId)\u000d\u000a at
Soss.Client.StateServerKey.AppNameToId(String appName, Boolean registerForEvents)\u000d\u000a at
Soss.Client.StateServerKey.get_DefaultAppId()\u000d\u000a at
Caching.CacheProviderFactory.GetCacheProvider()\u000d\u000a Caching.CacheManager.CreateInstance(String area)\u000d\u000a
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