How to enable unicast connection?

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I would like to know how we can enable unicast connection?

If we enable unicast then we need to explicitly supply server's IP, port details to all the clients.

How will server-server discovery and communication will happen? Do we need to provide any details on each server's params file to connect to other servers?

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To configure ScaleOut StateServer to work without multicast, you need to manually define your host group. A host group is a manually-defined roster of IPs that are eligible to form a store.

The first step is to disable multicast either through Management Console in the Host Configuration tab by unchecking the "Multicast discovery" check box, or by running the following commands on one of the hosts by using the command-line control program (soss.exe):

soss.exe leave all
soss.exe set use_multicast=0
The next step is to manually configure your host group. When using Management Console, you can do that by clicking the Group Management tree node on the left and then building the group by adding hosts' IP addresses in the Group Management screen on the right. The first host (it does not matter which one) should create the host group, and the other(s) should add the IP address of any other host already within the group host list. For each additional host beyond the first one, the server only needs to be initially populated with one reachable host currently in the group host list; all other hosts will be automatically added for you.

Documentation for the Management Console's Group Management screen can be found here:

You can also do this with the command-line control program:

On first host (e.g.,
soss.exe create_group
On every other host (e.g.,
soss.exe add_host
Once the host group is configured, all hosts will coalesce into a single multi-host store.
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Thanks for the quick reply. It really helps.

There are few more queries based upon the above answer provided, request to kindly provide the answers:

1 >> Can I manually set the value to 0 for "use_multicast" in the soss_params.txt file?
1a >> Do I need to restart the SOSS service if I change the value for this parameter?
2 >> If I want to create groups through programming, is it sufficient for me to add the key-value pairs for group_host in the soss_params.txt file.
2a >> After making above changes do I need to restart the SOSS service?


Yes, you can edit the use_multicast and group_host fields in soss_params.txt directly if you'd rather not use the management tools. The service must be restarted for changes in that file to take effect.