Java remote client to update and retrieve data from the IMDG

Is there a java client library to support updating and retrieving remotely data from the IMDG or we are supposed to use the REST API?
If there is any please provide a link.


Yes, there is a Java API for accessing a remote ScaleOut StateServer (SOSS) store. To use our Java libraries from a remote client machine, install the SOSS remote client installation on Windows or Linux. Configure the remote client to connect to the remote SOSS store. Once the remote client has been configured to connect to the remote store, you can add our JARs to your applications classpath.

The SOSS API JARs are located in “C:\Program Files\ScaleOut_Software\StateServer\JavaAPI” on Windows and “/usr/local/soss/java_api” on Linux. Once these JARs are added to the classpath, the Java application on the remote client machine can access the SOSS store remotely. For further information on the Java API, please visit our Java API documentation.
Hi Team,
Can you also share a sample code to perform basic get and put operations.
This will help a lot for beginners to start with the tool.