Multiple host are getting registered to store in one pc. and it is getting reset automatically. getting below error after sometime

[NotLicensedException: Client is not licensed to perform this operation.]
Soss.Client.DataAccessor.Read(ReadOptions options) +2085
Soss.Web.SossStoreProvider.GetItem(HttpContext context, String id, ReadOptions readOptions, Boolean& locked, TimeSpan& lockAge, Object& lockId, SessionStateActions& actions) +483
[HttpException (0x80004005): Couldn't access session state for SessionID: xxxxxxxxx...


The reason why you're getting this exception deals with the fact that host from other environment is joining your ScaleOut StateServer (SOSS) store making the number of hosts there to be larger than the number you're licensed for. If other host is running on the same subnet as your existing host(s) and it is sharing the same TCP ports and the same multicast IP, it can automatically join your store. If you're using one host environment (for example, for dev or test purposes), you can isolate it within your subnet from these type of intrusions by binding the SOSS service to loopback adapter's IP address. You can read more about this approach in the following best practices article:

If you are using multiple hosts environment, you can isolate it from other SOSS environment by using a unique set of the interconnect, management and server ports. It is a good practice anyway to change default SOSS ports within the environment you want to control to prevent the auto-discovery when, for example, a newly installed host is starting up on the same subnet using the same default TCP port numbers.

Another way to isolate your SOSS store from others is to change the multicast IP for each host there to non-default unique IP address. Please note, only certain IP address ranges can be used for the multicast IP (as defined by In IPv4, addresses through (the former Class D addresses) are designated as multicast addresses.