Perfmon Thresholds for ScaleOut

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We are planning to start collecting perfmon metrics for our ScaleOut implementation using Grafana/Telegraf/InfluxDB. I noticed the counters that should be monitored via this link I read through the page and didnt see any recommended thresholds for the counters. Can you please provide any insight in regards to this..

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Adam Savage


Staff member
Good morning Adam -- the values you should use as thresholds for the ScaleOut StateServer (SOSS) performance counter metrics will be driven by the application and the available hardware. i.e. the thresholds will change based on the rate of requests, the size of the requests, the number of hosts, etc. In general we recommend running a series of performance tests to gather expected thresholds for the access requests.

The management counters do have general recommendations. For example, the number of joined hosts performance counter should match the number of installed SOSS hosts and the host joined counter should typically be 1 (For example, the value may be 0 when the host is left from the store due to server maintenance). Similarly, the lock collisions counter indicates that simultaneous locking requests are attempting to access the same object. If this is unexpected behavior for the application, then the threshold should be set to 0.