SQL support and/or JDBC/ODBC driver

Does the ScaleOut Server provide SQL support? Also, is there a JDBC/ODBC driver so I don't need to retool my existing apps. I understand that it's a bit of syntactic sugar on top of your API, and that I'm limiting some possibilities (from a design perspective) by forcing SQL restrictions, but it's a minor penalty for a drop-in solution (as opposed to having to retool existing apps/consumers).


ScaleOut StateServer (SOSS) was not designed to be a replacement for traditional relational databases—rather, it is designed to be a high-performance, highly-available, distributed key/value store. As such, it does not support full-blown SQL query semantics, and it does not ship JDBC/ODBC/OLEDB data access providers.

The service does support indexing values on your stored objects and performing queries against those indexed values using our NamedCache APIs in Java, .NET, and native C++ (the .NET APIs also provide LINQ support for SQL-like query semantics), but this query support is not complete SQL, and it is intended for relatively infrequent analysis purposes rather than regular object access. You will find that key/value store products like SOSS typically encourage you to access your objects directly by key rather than by performing queries.