Unable to build DataCacheServerEndpoint object using 'Soss.Compat.WSAF' dll


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I was trying to connect State server using Host-Name and Port number using DataCacheServerEndpoint object.I was able to build proper object using "Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching" dll where with "Soss.Compat.WSAF" dll object is not initialized properly.
See below screen shoots for reference:


DataCacheServerEndpoint class is defined for a source compatibility purpose only, it is not used by the WSAF Caching Compatibility Library. Instead, you should configure ScaleOut StateServer (SOSS) client library to allow your application to communicate with the caching cluster. You can use either the soss.exe command line tool or SOSS Management Console to configure remote client library; instructions for the latter choice are outlined here:

You can read about key architectural differences between SOSS and AppFabric here:

Finally, the following link highlights the main features in the Windows Server AppFabric (WSAF) Caching APIs and demonstrates their equivalent calls in the ScaleOut StateServer NamedCache APIs: