What are the steps for applying a new license key?

We've received a new license key after testing our product with a temporary license key during evaluation. How do we apply this new license key without any downtime?
Here are the steps to update your store's license key without the need to take down your SOSS store:
  • Have the first server leave the store by issuing a "leave" command to the host.
  • Once the host has left the store, use the SOSS Console to update the license key on this now inactive SOSS host.
  • Restart the SOSS service on the first server.
  • Re-join the first host to the store and wait for the object load to balance across all hosts
  • Once the prior host has completed rejoining and has taken load, restart and re-join the SOSS service on the next server. This host will automatically pick up the new license key from the first host.
  • Repeat step 5 until all servers have restarted and rejoined the store.
  • Verify that the Host Configuration tab on each server now reflects the new license properties on each host.