When an object is removed from the store, does it mean that any pending events associated with object are removed from the event queue as well?

My application requires the use of object event handling. Objects typically timeout and expire on their own, but there are use cases when an object may need to be explicitly deleted before its expiration timeout. Will my events still fire?
Removal of an object using the APIs (for example, by using the NamedCache.Remove method) will have the following, immediate effects:
  • Any pending expiration events will be canceled.
  • If the object is subject to write-behind events then removing it will cause its erase-behind event (IBackingStore.Erase) to fire immediately. The object is removed immediately, and the server will try to reach a backing store event handler to perform the erase-behind operation. (It may try multiple times as defined the by max_event_tries parameter in the soss_params.txt file.)