Why would remote-clients be calling other remote clients?

Trying to decipher why some of our API servers "using remote clients" be causing HUGE network spikes by calling other remote clients? Should they not only be contacting the store hosts?



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Hi Tony -- You're correct; remote clients do not contact other remote clients. Looking at the screenshot that you've provided, we don't see evidence of remote clients communicating with other remote clients.
What I mean is the Network activity from one remote client API-03 and sending network traffic to and from the other clients? In the case of the screenshot... 4.5.6,7? Should there be chatter between remote clients as I do NOT see that same behavior exhibited on 2 of my normal functioning API boxes. These boxes have all been deployed using the same image


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Hi Tony -- those connections appear to be coming from a System service and not the w3wp worker process where the ScaleOut remote client libraries are initialized. This screenshot doesn't show the ScaleOut remote client libraries connecting to one another.

With that being said, the ScaleOut service runs as a System service. So, it's possible that the client application is running on machines where the ScaleOut service is also installed. This could explain the network communication between the API servers. As a distributed service, the ScaleOut service on each API server would communicate with other ScaleOut hosts.

You can confirm that the service is installed only on the expected machines by executing the command, "soss.exe query all" from one of the ScaleOut hosts. This command will display all of the IP addresses running ScaleOut hosts.

If only the appropriate servers are listed, you'll want to investigate the machines for services running as System and identify why they are connecting to the other API servers.