Will an object be removed from the client cache when it is removed from the SOSS store?

I'm concerned about object coherency for removed objects. If I have two clients running the same application, and Client A removes the object from the SOSS store, what behavior can I expect from Client B if it then requests the same (now deleted) object?
The client cache's contents are updated on an as-needed basis. The ScaleOut StateServer service does not attempt to contact all client applications to make them immediately clear copies of a deleted object from local caches. Rather, the object will ultimately be removed from the client caches in one of three ways:
  • When a client application tries to access the removed object, the local cache will do a quick version check with the authoritative server, learn that the object has been removed, and then immediately evict the object from the local cache before returning null to the application.
  • When the local client cache hits its configured memory limit then it will remove the least recently accessed objects as required make room for new ones.
  • If an instance of the client application makes an explicit Remove() call then the object will be immediately removed from that instance's local client cache.