How to configure database in the Scale Out State Server?

Here my question is how to add database in the scale out state server? and how can be used in wpf project? how to set the map reduce methods in the wpf project? In the local system that is connected to LAN in that i tested the scale out state server software to find out the solution for our project. Up to now i did not get any result how to use this scale out state server in our application.


Please read the API Concepts online document
( on how to use the ScaleOut StateServer (SOSS) API. Look for the "Backing Store Integration" section there, which describes the way SOSS can be integrated with an external data source (such as a database or a set of web services).

The documentation page for the IBackingStore interface ( contains C# sample code that illustrates how a named cache can interact with a database to perform read-through, write-though, refresh-ahead, and write-behind operations. Please also look for the NC_BackingStore.cs code sample file installed with the product -- that should help you building your own prototype for a possible integration of SOSS with your database.