Object Browser Error when connection to Azure SOSS backend

Hello Community

To rebuild our Production environment on azure, I set up 4 ScaleOut State Servers with Geo-replication (two servers each in two different Azure-VLANs 10.2.x.x and 10.3.x.x).

Now I connect from my desktop-pc (where the client is installed too) to the public IPs of these servers in azure cloud and everything seems to work fine. But when I try to open the Object browser on my local computer I get either the error "An unexpected internal error has ocurred" or "A connection to the ScaleOut StateServer service could not be opened...". I'm a bit confused, since the client seems to work fine but the object browser can't connect. Are there other ports than 720-722 which have to be opened? Both IPs are configured in the Client Configuration Tab (I'll attach a screenshot).

I know that there is a specific configuration for azure-cloud but since we have our production evnironment on-premise, it's important, that the testing-environment in the azure cloud is an exact replica.

Is the use of public IPs the problem I'm facing?

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Hi Robin,

It appears that the Object Browser can connect to the services' management port (720)--which is why the Management Console is working--but the exceptions indicate that the server port (721) is blocked on one or both of those two hosts.

For starters, I'd suggest using PowerShell's Test-NetConnection cmdlet on your local computer to check connectivity to that port on your two Azure hosts. For example:

Test-NetConnection 54.xxx.xxx.xxx -Port 721
...the "TcpTestSucceeded" result in the output will tell you if your PC is able to connect to the server port on those two hosts.
Hi markw,

Thank you for your suggestion. I was able to fix the issues by using a VPN to connect my desktop-pc directly to the network in which the scaleOut Servers are located. I think it had to do with how the object browser tried to use the internal IPs of both servers, which obviously where not reachable.

Thanks and kind regrads,